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Poplar Butter Board

Poplar Butter Board

10" x 7" x .75"


This rounded board is made out of tulip poplar wood and has varied grain and green and light tan hues. It can be used as a butter or serving board.

Wood is a natural material and will have inherent disparities in grain pattern and color from piece to piece, and may differ slightly from the model shown.
Sylvan Craft uses a water spray and rub technique before final sanding to ensure this board is extra smooth and stays that way through initial washing. This board is finished with two coats of food grade mineral oil and a final coat of wax conditioner.

Care instructions: Hand wash with hot water and liquid dish soap. Rinse, wipe clean, and let air dry. Do not soak or put in dishwasher. For upkeep, apply food grade mineral oil if wood appears dry or loses its sheen.

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