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How to Order

Special Note: Due to a website limitation, it's possible to get stuck at dead ends if you make certain selections. For example, selecting certain stains won't allow you to change your wood choice. If this happens, simply refresh the page. We apologize for the shortcoming if this happens to you! Always feel free to contact us with questions on the site.

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Select Furniture Model

Step 1

The first step is choosing the model you would like to order. There are two types of models: In Stock and Built-to-Order. In stock furniture is already built, so there are no options or choices for you to make. It is ready to ship.

Built-to-order options generally involve choices, which we detail below. Since the furniture isn’t built, lead times are listed that indicate the time we expect it will take to build and ship the model. Once you’ve settled on a model, it’s time to customize!

Wood Species.png

Select Wood Species

Step 2

Most Sylvan Craft furniture models are available in multiple wood species. On the right-hand side of the model page is a drop-down menu where you can select the wood type you would like. Some species may add an additional cost, which is noted on the menu. The photos for the model may or may not depict the wood type you’ve chosen. If you wish to see swatch examples of additional wood species, check out our stains page.

Stain Options.png

Select Stain

Step 3

Once your wood species is chosen, it’s time to select a stain. We use Danish Oil and Ohio Certified Stains (OCS) as our primary finishes.

Danish Oil is a natural, VOC-free finish that’s available on most of our models. While not technically a stain because it doesn’t add a color, Danish Oil brings out the rich, natural hues of the wood.

Our models are available in a variety of OCS stains, ranging from Natural (light) to Coffee (dark). The OCS stains are used in combination with oil-based finishes. To get a sense of what a particular stain looks like with your wood type, refer to our stains page. Our recommended stain options for each species will populate in the drop-down menu, but if you would like a different type of OCS stain that you don’t see on the page, please contact us.


Select Optional Features

Step 4

Many of our models have optional features such as drawers or shelves. These options are listed below the wood species and stain menus. Each option, if selected, will add cost to the model as indicated.

Using the drop-down boxes, choose your options. Sometimes you may need to indicate in the drop-down menu that you don’t want a particular option.


Select Hardware

Step 5

If your model includes hardware, you will need to select the type and color in the drop-down menu. The menu includes our recommended hardware for the model. You can view pictures of the hardware
options here. If you would like a custom choice, please contact us.


Final Price Calculation

Step 6

Built-to-order models start with a base price that may increase depending on your wood and options selections. Once you’ve made all your choices in the drop-down menus, the price of the model will
calculate and appear at the top of the menus.

If you’re satisfied with your choices and the model, click the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom. Now you can continue shopping or to go to checkout.


Shipping and Checkout

Step 7

When your cart is ready, it’s time to choose your shipping option. There are usually 3 delivery options: standard, inside delivery, and local pickup, each with a different price. For our full shipping policy, see this link.

Once you’ve chosen your shipping option, if you would like to enter a promo code or leave us a note, click on the corresponding button in the bottom left.

If you’re ready to make your purchase, click the checkout button and follow the instructions. We’ll get to work building and shipping your furniture!

Help and Private Appointments

If you would like assistance in completing your order or are interested in exploring custom possibilities, please reach out to us with your questions or to schedule a private appointment at or 330-203-1343.

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