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Our "Forest to Table" Approach

The Sylvan Craft product journey begins with our forest management practices and ends with functional and artistic woodcraft. From selective harvesting, to crafting by our partners, to finished products, we can account for every step of the wood’s journey.

Selective Harvesting

We prioritize harvesting trees that are damaged or dead, and look to promote forest health and species diversity. Salvage harvests are our primary source of wood.

While many timber companies harvest only a handful of the most popular species like oak, cherry, and walnut, we utilize a wide variety of trees. This ensures that we retain the natural diversity of the forest.  


We use timber removal practices like horse-drawn equipment and small tractors to minimize habitat damage and soil compaction. We also limit our operations to times when conditions are best for low-impact harvests.

Tree cutting.jpg
Horse full size.JPG
Log arch.jpg

Local Sawmills

Once the timber is cut and stacked at a log landing, it’s collected and transported to local sawmills, keeping hauling distances short. The logs are cut into usable dimensions, air dried, and then kiln dried. The wood is now ready to be used!

Sawmill JPEG.jpg


The wood is turned into beautiful and functional pieces. Working with local builders, we've developed our own line of furniture that we're excited to offer to you. Proceeds from the sale of these models go toward our mission of protecting forests.

IMG_8030 (1)_edited.jpg


We also make smaller items like cutting and charcuterie boards that harness the unique colors and grain of our sustainably harvested wood. 

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