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Sylvan Craft Mission

Our mission is to preserve and restore forests through sustainable forestry and land management. We support these efforts by making heirloom-quality furniture from timber thoughtfully sourced from our own property. The long-term health of the forest is always our first consideration.

What We Do

Forest Management and Restoration

Our Approach

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Using Sustainably-Sourced Local Hardwoods


"Forest to Table"

Raising a glass at a local, craft brewery. Perusing a farmer's market on a Saturday morning. Enjoying a salad made from vegetables grown in your own garden. We appreciate these things because we know where these products we buy and consume are coming from and know (or are!) the people who produced them.

At Sylvan Craft, we've appreciated the "Farm to Table" awakening that has been sprouting anew in our country for the last several decades. Intentional focus on sourcing and craft has led to more community connection and sustainable living. It makes us aware of how the things we use arrived in front of us in the first place.

The two of us have long had a love of forests and an appreciation for fine woodwork, whether it's a carefully-crafted table, a carved spoon, or a meticulously-hewn beam in a log cabin or barn. But how did that piece come to be? How was the desk or table made that you're sitting at now?

Just as we've learned to ask the question about our eggs and our beer, the sourcing of the wood-based products we use every day also matters. Poor timbering practices, invasive insects and plants, and the effects of climate change are putting the forests around us under increasing strain. A focus on short-term profit contributes to the decline of forests and forest quality. 

Conversely, Sylvan Craft was founded to prioritize the long-term health of our forests as our first consideration. Through strategic forest management and sustainable harvesting practices, we restore vital habitat and promote species diversity. The harvested timber that is turned into functional and artistic woodcraft can then be enjoyed knowing that the cutting board, book shelf, or dining table we sit at did not come at the expense of healthy forests for future generations. 

We hope you'll join us in the "Forest to Table" movement!

Chris and Craig
Sylvan Craft Co-Founders

For Our Forests. For Our Future.

Forest Grass

For Our Forests.
For Our Future.

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